A solution to the problem of hair loss

Experience the change immediately! Absorbent fibers offer a solution to hair loss. You'll look more youthful and get back your natural, full hair in no time. Inconspicuous and blend perfectly with your own hair, so no one will notice the difference!

Great new hair in just 30 seconds

Relive thick, natural hair instantly - the one you had before! Say goodbye to hair loss and welcome back confidence and carefree!

Watch the video to see how the fibers work

  • Each hair has its own color tone, which blends perfectly with your natural hair, creating a wonderful and harmonious whole.

Eroon hiustenlähtöalueista hetkessä



  • Luonnolliset ja huomaamattomat

    Immetee-kuidut ovat valmistettu täysin luonnonmateriaaleista, jotka takaavat täysin aidon hiusten näköisen lopputuloksen. Kuidut sulautuvat täysin huomaamattomasti omiin hiuksiin, luoden virheettömän ja luonnollisen ilmeen.

  • Nopea ja vaivaton

    Vain 30 sekunnissa saat takaisin hiukset jotka sinulla oli. Lopputulos on hämmästyttävä ja kuitujen levittäminen on nopea ja helppo. Luo uusi ilme itsellesi.

  • Hyvästi harventuville hiuksille

    Joten, jos olet valmis sanomaan hyvästit harventuville hiuksille ja tervehtimään uutta itseluottamuksen tasoa, osta Immetee hiusrakennuskuidut. Osta nyt ja löydä ratkaisu hiustenlähtöongelmaan Immetee hiusrakennuskuitujen avulla.

  • Kaikille hiustyypeille

    Nyt voit sanoa hyvästit sotkuisille peiteväreille ja monimutkaisille toimenpiteille! Immetee hiusrakennuskuidut tarjoavat nopean ja vaivattoman ratkaisun hiustenlähtöön. Ne sopivat kaikentyyppisille hiuksille – lyhyille, pitkille, kiharoille tai suorille.

Immetee hair building fibers offer superior quality at the best price.

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User experiences

I am no longer ashamed of my thin hair

Immetee does a great job of covering my very thin hair loss areas. It blends in with my hair color very well. I used to use Toppik, but it started to clump on my head. I decided to try Immetee and at first I only ordered one because I didn't know how it would work. Well, it worked so well that I immediately ordered more just to be sure. I recommend it to anyone who needs hair fibers for fine hair.


This changes everything

"I'm a woman with a few small balding areas. I usually wear a ponytail to cover them. Today I got this product and tried it out, leaving my hair open. A lot of people commented on how beautiful my hair is. And it's true, especially when the scalp isn't showing. How to use the product it's so easy, after a few minutes my hair looks great. I'm so excited I found this product. I've already called and told them about it THANK YOU!"


This is an awesome product

"This works just as well as the more expensive fiber products. I have a bit of a receding hairline and this covers it perfectly. Easy to shake on and spray with Immetee Hold Spray to set the hair in place. Great product!"



"I have been looking everywhere for hair extension fibers for my hair, but either they come off easily or the fibers are clearly visible or come off when touched. The search is over, I am very satisfied. Helpful."


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