Hair loss

More than 50% of people suffer from hair loss. Why?

Information about hair loss

What helps with hair loss?

1. This page contains information about why hair loss occurs and how to find a solution. There are four main options for preventing hair loss instead of surgery. Depending on the extent of hair loss and personal choices, any or all of the following may be a suitable solution.

Healthy scalp

Healthy scalp: A crucial starting point in combating hair loss is maintaining a healthy scalp. It is important to create an environment that promotes normal hair growth. Thicker hair: Thinning hair can be a problem as it makes hair loss more noticeable and allows the scalp to expose thinning areas.

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Hair loss treatments: Taking good care of your hair and making sure it gets enough vitamins and minerals creates a healthy growth environment.

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Causes of hair loss

"Androgenetic (hereditary) hair loss" or so-called male pattern baldness occurs when: 1. Hair loss appears unusually large. 2. Hair replacement happens unusually slowly. 3. Normal hair is replaced by smaller, thinner ones. On average, there are 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on the human scalp. These hairs grow from follicles/roots under the skin. The blood vessels in the hair follicle nourish the hair and provide nutrients for its growth. Each hair goes through a growth cycle independently of other hairs on the scalp. At any given time, about 90% of hair is in the growth phase, called "anagen," while the remaining 10% is in the resting phase, called "telogen." The anagen phase lasts 2-6 years.


In conclusion, understanding the causes of hair loss and researching different solutions can help individuals find the best approach to solving their own problem and regain confidence in their appearance.

Hair loss stages

Hair grows and sheds at certain intervals